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What is a “DAC”  and
How Will It Affect Your Job Opportunities?

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  • Consider “DAC” reports like a credit report for cdl drivers. Count on any potential employer to run your “DAC” report after you apply.

  • “DAC” reports will contain your Employment History, License Verification, Driving History, Dot Physical Results, and Criminal Background checks. They could include other information at the company's request.

  • “DAC” reports are managed and provided by Hire Right,

        a private company specializing in  employee                               background screening.

  • Around 90% of medium to large trucking companies use “DAC” reports in their hiring process. You can run from your past, but you can't hide it.


  • You are entitled to get a free copy of your “DAC” report, to review for accuracy. Make sure that what employers see is correct.


  • If your “DAC” report contains information that you consider (incorrect, unjustified, or wrong in some way), you can dispute it with Hire Right under the fair credit reporting act. They are legally bound to review, investigate, and make the necessary changes, as well as take reasonable steps to make sure that it is correct.

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