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What About Women
Truck Drivers?

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Women truck drivers have historically made up a very small percentage of drivers in the U.S. Truck driving has, like many fields, traditionally been dominated and run by men, and in many ways women have shied away from trying to break into the industry.


But now their numbers are growing, Many may just not have considered it, but with the uncertain economic climate and aging workforce, more women are entering the industry. 


In reality there is very little difference in the approach that women take when considering a driving career. In fact, with the rise of instant electronic communication, constant monitoring of public spaces, and changes in cultural gender roles, women and men stand on level ground in terms of chances for success in trucking.

Should Women Drivers be
Concerned for Their Health & Safety?

As far as there safety goes, Women drivers are no more or less likely to be victims of crime, violence, etc. on the road than men. As with any situation, always be aware of your surroundings, stay vigilant, and if the situation doesn't feel right, get out of it. "Driving on the highways for a living is not as scary as you may think. Yes, there are safety concerns for all who share the road. But if you use common sense and good judgment you'll do just fine.

Can Female Truck Drivers Handle
The Physical Aspects of the Job? 

There really isn't anything about the physical aspect of truck driving that women should be concerned with any more than men. Certain types of trucking jobs, like flat bedding, will require a certain amount of physical strength to lift and move tarps, etc., as well as the general endurance it takes to drive a truck all day, but overall female drivers are on even footing with men.

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