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Team driving is when two truckers share the driving time for the same truck. It’s very different than driving solo, so it’s important to know what it’s like to drive with a partner.


There are both pros and cons to driving with a team partner. Some prefer it, many do not. While many people can choose to drive on a team, some training schools require that you pair up with a trainer in order to complete your CDL training. Whatever your situation, there are definitely going to be ‘ups and downs’ of running team in a big rig.

How Does Team Truck Driving Work?

It’s pretty straightforward and exactly how it sounds. You have two drivers who trade drive time. Each driver will have on-duty and off-duty shifts. By allowing one driver to sleep while the other driver is keeping the rig going, the amount of downtime a truck has is significantly reduced. The drivers are paid for their combined mileage which averages at a higher amount than a solo driver. Companies like truck driving teams because it maximizes their delivery times.

Of Team Driving?

Some aspects of team truck driving fall into a grey area. Something that is viewed as an advantage to some could be a disadvantage to others.


One of the most crucial aspects of a successful driving team is the partnership between the co-drivers. Things like scheduling, division of pay, personal habits, sharing control, and trust all come into play when you are working closely with another person – liking that person just makes all of it easier.


Regardless, you should weigh both the pros and cons of team truck driving to get the best idea of whether it is something you want to get involved in.


More Trucking Jobs,  Driving Teams have always been in demand. Some find it’s a good way to get their foot in the door to a company they want to work for. Trucking companies love teams. It maximizes their profit margin by keeping their trucks moving round the clock.

Higher Pay And More Available Jobs  Because there are more available team driving jobs, the trucker’s income is more consistent.


Not So Profitable    Yes, teams get more miles, but remember, the pay is split down the middle with a co-driver.

Quality Of Sleep     EVEN for those truck drivers who are able to sleep when the vehicle is moving, the sleep isn’t decent quality sleep. The human body just doesn’t function that way. Our bodies are designed to sleep when it’s dark and be awake when it’s light and not bouncing around in the bunk of a moving truck.

Noise             There’s the noise from (the co-driver, the CB radio, vibration of the truck and highway noise, while you are trying to get some rest. It will take time to get accustomed to it

Stopping For Breaks         Drivers with team driving jobs, are under pretty strict schedules and at the mercy of their co-driver, as well as delivery schedules. Not fun at all.

You may not like your driving partner             Sharing space can be an issue. You need to be able to tolerate the habits and quirks of your team driving partner. Even a mildly irritating habit can be amplified when you are under high stress and close quarters.If you don’t like your driving partner, you’re going to be miserable and worried all of the time.

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