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Paid CDL Training VS.
Private CDL Training

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The decision to attend paid CDL training or a private truck driving school is going to depend mostly on your personal situation. Either option is a great choice, and will get you your CDL and on your way.

Students who are not in a position to pay up front for schooling, can’t get financing, or have some issues in their past or on their record, may find the best option for finding a driving position is with a paid CDL training program, in which the company puts you through school and trains you, and guarantees you a job upon completion.

Drivers who can afford to pay for private school, are able to get a bunch of pre-hire letters, and wish to be closer to home during their schooling, many times will choose that option. Many trucking companies also offer tuition-reimbursement for recent private school graduates.

Once you graduate from a Private School   you are free to pursue a job with any trucking companies that hire inexperienced drivers. If you graduate from a Company-Sponsored School    you will only have the option of working for the company that owns the school.

At a private school the experience will generally be better because you're a paying customer. The pace is a little slower and they'll be more patient with you. They'll work with you more individually. With a company-sponsored program you're more like a player trying to make the team. It's like a tryout, and not everyone makes the team. The environment is usually fast-paced and there is a little less tolerance for those who aren't picking up on the skills as quickly. It's a totally different approach.

What Is Paid CDL Training?

Paid CDL training, which is also referred to as "company-sponsored CDL training", is when a trucking company pays the up front costs of your CDL training. The company will normally pay you transport you to their facility and pay for a hotel room while you're in training at their facility. Some companies will even cover the cost of meals and loan you money to pay your bills while you're in school.


Many trucking companies operate their own CDL schools, while others partner with nearby private schools. The trucking company will cover the costs of training, lodging, travel, and meals and in return the driver agrees to drive for the company for a certain period of time, while  their tuition is paid off gradually as time passes. Each company structures their programs a little differently. Those who make it through the training are guaranteed a job driving for the company.

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What Is Private Truck Driving School?

Private schools are truck driving schools which are independently owned and operated. They will generally require students to pay tuition up-front, and all associated costs will be the responsibility of the student. Students will typically live nearby and commute to school. Before choosing a private school, drivers will want to get as many pre-hire letters as possible, and also make sure that their companies of choice actually hire from that school.


Private schools are not associated with any particular trucking company. They are run independently so upon graduation, students can choose to go anywhere they would like. The schools range in price generally from $2000-$5000 and can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 8 weeks to complete for your Class A license.

Pros & Cons of Paid CDL Training

Really, there aren't many cons to attending paid CDL training. The company pays for everything, and you wind up with a guaranteed job.


The obligation to sign a contract to drive for the company turns some people off, but  your first year is generally regarded as "solo training", and we always recommend drivers stay with their first company for at least one year anyhow.

The best way to get started without coming up with the money upfront is to go with a trucking company that offers training for inexperienced applicants. You definitely don’t want to go into this lightly. Don’t even consider it if you don’t take orders well.

Pros & Cons Of Private Truck Driving School

One of the major hurdles for drivers who would rather attend private school is paying the tuition. The cost will generally run somewhere between $4,000-8,000, and normally will need to be paid up front. Many times it involves taking out loans, or borrowing from friends and family.

That said, it will give drivers who can acquire a lot of pre-hire letters a wider choice of companies to drive for, and the programs will generally run longer than company-sponsored school.

Choosing The Path That Is Right For You.

There is no "right answer" as you decide whether to go with private or company-sponsored CDL school.


For those who can afford it, private school can offer a more extensive training period, and more driving options in the end, while company-sponsored training guarantees drivers that finish training will have a job, without the up front expense.


Let me be clear about this though - there is nothing wrong with either type of schooling. They will both get your trucking career off to a great start. It's really just a matter of deciding which one suits your situation and preferences better.

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