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Getting in The Game!!!!

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Types Of Trailers You can Pull!!!

Let's talk about the types of trucks you can drive. Everybody has seen these trucks a million times, but there are a lot of points to consider when figuring out which one might be right for you.   Read More!!!



Dry Van Versus Refrigerated Companies

Basically, you'll find five different types of trailers you can pull - dry vans, refrigerated (reefer), flatbeds, doubles , and tankers. Since we're focusing more on new or inexperienced drivers, In this part we'll cover dry vans and refrigerated (Refers) right now.  Read More!!!

Types Of Trucking  Jobs !!!

While there are many options to choose from, most new drivers should expect to start in some type of over-the-road position. Many companies also operate more regional routes, which could get you home more often, and some will even hire new drivers for their local routes.    Read More!!!

Plenty of Options

There are easily tens of thousands of trucking companies nationwide. There are some as small as one truck, and some that have tens of thousands of trucks.  Read More!!!

The Mythical  "Perfect  Company"

Let me make one important generalization first. There is no such thing as “The Perfect Company" or the "Best Company to Work For."     Read More!!!

Talking With The Right People

There are three main groups of people that you will be speaking with when you are considering working for a particular trucking company.


They are:

  • The company's drivers

  • The company's mechanics

  • The company's recruiters                          

How Your Family and Lifestyle

Should  Affect Your Choice!!!

Let's begin talking about how you should choose a truck driving job based on your personality and preferred lifestyle.   


Evaluating Pay And Benefits

The best way to evaluate what company isn't necessarily by which one pays the most.  But, which will be the best overall fit and give you the best chance for success. That said, there are a lot of different ways to evaluate driver pay, from sign-on bonuses to per diem pay to home time, etc.   Read More!!!

Applying For A Job

The most important thing to keep in mind when applying to the trucking companies is that if there's something in your past, they're probably going to find it. You don't want to leave anything out that could be construed as trying to hide something, and many times the omission itself, rather than the item on your background check, is enough to trigger a rejection on your application.   Read More!!!

What Should I Expect

During Orientation??

When you are ready to start driving with your first company, you will first go through an initial orientation together with a group of drivers also starting at the same time.It will generally consist of paperwork, some classroom/company specific things like videos and safety training, and a company physical.      Read More!!!

What About Woman Truck Drivers? 

Truck driving has, been traditionally dominated by men. But now more women are entering the industry.   Read More!!!

Team Driving

Team driving is when two truckers share the driving time for the same truck. It’s very different than driving solo, so it’s important to know what it’s like to drive with a partner.  Read More!!!

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