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How Much $$ Can You
Make as a Truck Driver???

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That first year of being a solo driver is of vital importance to the future of your career. I do not recommend that you seek the highest paying company during that year, but that you actively find a place that you think will meet your needs Again, it comes down to what the best fit is for each individual driver. Salary, home time, bonuses, & extra pay will vary from company to company.

Most new class a cdl drivers can expect to drive over-the-road for a while before getting a chance at regional routes with most carriers.


Most over-the-road & regional drivers will be paid cents-per-mile (CPM) driven. Local routes will typically pay per hour, dedicated routes will also pay for driver unload, etc. Some companies even pay a percentage of what they are getting for the load.  First-year drivers will generally make in the $35,000 range for the first year while they learn the ropes and try to avoid mistakes.

Within 2 - 3 Years you can expect to be in the $50,000 - $65,000 range, with some drivers getting up into the $70,000 range.   

The most important thing to keep in mind is that trucking is a performance-based industry. The drivers who work the hardest and prove themselves to be safe, reliable drivers are going to get more miles, make more money, and get better treatment than drivers who perform at a subpar level. So your earning potential is really up to you. 

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