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Truck Game Dispatch LLC.

(725) 281-0429

About Us

Truck Game Dispatch is a dispatch company based is Las Vegas NV. But we operate across 48 states.  We take pride in offering numerous types of services to our carriers and owner operators. From always negotiating for the best possible rates to taking care of all the paperwork and in the end getting you paid, we always strive for the best possible results. Our only goal is to maximize your earning potential & save your time.


So, when you partner with Truck Game Dispatch, you’re partnering with a company that only aims to help your business grow. 



Our team has more than 10 years of experience in the trucking industry and the main thing that we have learned in those years is that the hardest part of this whole industry falls on the shoulders of drivers. Yes, the job of a dispatcher can sometimes be difficult, we can be mentally exhausted after a hard day in the office, but truck drivers are the real heroes in this industry! They are the main and most important part of this industry, so they should be treated like that, with the utmost respect! That belief leads to our motto and message to all our clients: YOU ARE THE BOSS!

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