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How Should I Deal With
Company Recruiters?

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Your initial point-of-contact with any trucking company will be with their recruiters. Recruiters will play an instrumental part in your choice of company, and there are plenty of questions that you should ask them before deciding.

It is generally considered good practice for drivers to get trucking company information (recruiter promises) in writing, whenever possible. A recruiter's job usually ends when they get you signed up, and normally will not have any further contact with the driver.

What do Company Recruiters actually do?

Recruiters are salespeople. Their sole responsibility is to sell the company to a driver, and convince them to choose to work for their company. Recruiters are typically paid a commission for bringing drivers into the company.

Most trucking companies tend to operate very similarly to one another, as in any industry. The best trucking company for a driver to work for is the company that best suits a driver's needs, and will depend more on the driver's attitude and what he or she considers important factors for employment.

You don't necessarily have to ask recruiters all of these questions. Use this as a guide to get answers to your most important questions.

Contacting Trucking
Company Recruiters:

Generally, your method of contact for recruiters, at least at first, will be over the phone. Most communication will probably then be handled by email. Recruiters are usually extremely busy, and can be extremely hard to get a hold of. Don't get discouraged if the recruiter(s) at the company you're talking to aren't immediately responsive to your calls or emails.

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