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Welcome To The Trucking Game 101

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The Site Dedicated to Helping
Drivers Excel in This Industry 

We are a FREE Resource for Truck Drivers.


The decision to become a Truck Driver is a big step in your life, there are certainly lots of great benefits to driving a truck for a living. And we can show you everything you need know to succeed in this industry.


One of the things that sets us apart from other Trucking Blog sites is, our blogs are in both (Text and Audio) format. we understand that as truckers, you may not have the time, or opportunity to read everything on this site. So, we have made it convenient to learn everything you need to know about this industry.


The other thing that we’ve done is made it easy to find what you are looking for.  All of our articles are segmented in sections like:

A Guide to Getting Started:  is focused on giving anyone interested in getting in this game, all the information they need to get started in this industry. With topics like:



Getting in The Game: focuses more on the trucking industry after you get out of trucking school and start you first job. With topics like:


Surviving The First Year:  Focuses on what you should know to survive your first year in this Dynamic industry. With topics like:


And A Guide for OWNER OPERATORS: focuses on becoming an OWNER OPERATORS It’s a major decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. So we at the Trucking Game have  brought together as much info as we could on the subject.

With topics like:



There are a lot of Rules and Regulations that we have to Deal with. Here are a few Government Websites, you should know about.


Truck Driving Schools:  We have a nation wide network of truck driving schools and chances are we can hook you up with one near you.


Truck Driving Jobs:  When your ready to start your search for your Next Trucking Job, We can help you with that as well. 



As you can see this Truck Game is a lot more than just sitting behind the wheel of a truck. So when you’re ready to get started,    Click On Any Of The Links the left

Or, if your on a cell phone, Click any of the links Below.

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  Government Websites:


  A Guide to Getting Started


  Truck Driving Schools

  Truck Driving Jobs

  Get In the Game


  Surviving The First Year


  A Few Tips For Owner Operators


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